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Your ASA Executives

ASA President 2017/2018- Benjamin Curry

Hello everyone! My name is Benjamin Curry, I am a fourth year Business Administration student with a minor in Political Sciences. This academic year I am looking forward to an exciting time at Augustana. With the New Augustana Calendar in full swing I hope to hear all about the unique experiences that it has to offer. As the Student Association President it is my job to ensure the alignment of the Association with the priorities of the student body, as well as, organize ourselves to work smoothly along side of the Administration. At any point in time if you would like to meet with me, or ask me a question, please email me or come to the office during one of my office hours. "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen" - Sir Winston Churchill

ASA Vice President Academic 2017/2018- Taylor Johnson

Hey Augustana! I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new students as well as all of those returning for another year. I hope that for those students who are returning you will feel back at home, and with the excitement of the new calendar upon us, you are able to adjust back into the swing of things for another great year. For those students attending this campus for the first time, I hope that you will feel welcomed and accepted by the entire Augustana community and that you will make your first year here one to remember. I am a third-year political science major, a born and raised Camrose local, a lover of a good pepperoni pizza and spinach dip, an oilers and eskimos fanatic and am beyond excited to advocate on your behalf this year.

ASA Vice President Student Life 2017/2018- Alex Ho

Vice President Student Life comin at ya! First off, I would like to welcome all the new first years to Augustana. I was once in your position and I can just imagine all the different emotions you might be going through now but I can promise you that studying here in Camrose will be one of your greatest adventures. Whether you decided to take a couple years off or came straight from high school I will say that the community that has been built on campus will be right there with you every step of the way. I hope you enjoyed your summer whether it was spent with family around a fire or experiencing amazing moments like travelling the world; let me tell you that the fun doesn’t stop there. Get ready to experience some of the most amazing events and becoming apart of something awesome. You are family now, one of us and no one is left out at Augustana, so enjoy your first year and enjoy all the craziness that will be happening around campus. Second, to all those who are returning. I hope you enjoyed carrying out all the crazy ideas that you had planned to do during the school year and hopefully that the fun doesn’t stop there. I can’t wait to see all your friendly faces again and to be able to catch up! I can just imagine all the stories that I’m going to hear. Third to all those who will be graduating this year, enjoy it. Live every moment to its fullest extent. Time fly’s by so fast but Augustana is just a stepping stone to the greater things in life. If your future involves grad school or even if it doesn’t, I hope that you’re able to share the Augustana culture with the rest of the world. A lot of things are changing this year and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but just remember that we are always here to help. Fear is a good thing, whether you want that 4.0 GPA or you want that dream job. So, I’ll end with this. Never give up even if you don’t achieve your goal, at least you did your best and that trying something is still better than never giving it a chance because it’s better to live with a mistake than to always be stuck with a “what if?”  So, to all you students out there, let’s make this one of the best years ever. I can’t wait to get to know each and everyone of you and to be able to share all the great memories that will be made this year. To 2017-2018, this is our year!

ASA Vice President Finance 2017/2018- Danisha Suchak

I am Danisha, the Vice-President Finance of the ASA. I was elected by the fellow students for my second term to take up the responsibility to ensure that your ASA fees are put to a good cause. My job incorporates the oversight of the Augustana Students’ Association budget, and responsibilities for fund raising and revenue generation.  It also entails to working around increase of advertising and sponsorships, such as student discounts through enhanced external relationships with the community partners. My platform also focuses on improving the relationship between the students and the ASA so that every decision made is to benefit you. I want to make sure your time at Augustana a pleasant and memorable one. So, be sure to take this opportunity, seize every moment at Augustana and know what the ASA has to offer. You may realize that Augustana is small, but the opportunities are vast and endless. I hope this experience helps you become into the person you want to be, into the person who we all will be proud to see you become!

ASA Vice President Communications 2017/2018- Hannan Mohamud

Hello! Wishing a warm welcome back to both current students at Augustana and also to the new and transfer students. I am this year's elected vice president communications, I am a third year psychology major that loves fried rice and spicy ramen. I was born and raised in Edmonton and also have lived in Malaysia for 8 years. I hope students are excited for this year and if you have any questions please contact us or stop by the office for a quick chat.