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The Students' Association has 5 Standing Committees. They are: Executive, Agenda & Priorities, Awareness, and Activities. Together, these committees work to enhance student life and to improve the Students' Association for the benefit of the student body.


The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, 4 Vice Presidents, and the Executive Director. The Executive Committee focuses on the day-to-day operation of the Students' Association. This committee also oversees the long term visions for the organization. The 2015/16 Executive committee is chaired by Stephanie Gruhlke (President), and comprised of Sam Kohlmann (VP Student Life), Ivy Njoroge (VP Finance), Madison Hauser (VP Academic), Alyssa Belanger (VP Communications), and Cindy Roose (Executive Director).

Agenda & Priorities

This committee is chaired by the VP Academic. Its mandate is to work on the long term direction of the organization, Bylaw and Policy review, and setting priorities for the future. This committee for the 15/16 academic year is comprised of Taylor Johnson (First Year Rep), and Connor Maschke (Off Campus Rep), along with Madison Hauser (VP Academic) as the chair. 


The Awareness Committee, chaired by the VP Communications , works to create awareness of the organization to many facets of the university community and to the Camrose community as well. Using various forms of communication, the committee lets students, staff, and faculty know what the SA is doing in the Augustana community. They also assist with awareness campaigns for political issues that affect students such as lobbying against higher tuition. This committee for the 15/16 academic year is comprised of Jacob Rohloff (Off Campus Rep), Zarmina Shir (Councillor-at-large), Darrion Letendre (Aboriginal Students' Rep), and Alyssa Belanger (VP Communications) as the chair.


This committee is chaired by the VP Student Life. It is mandated to enhance the social value of student life on campus whether it be through clubs or events. They put on many events throughout the school year. This committee for the 15/16 academic year is comprised of Emil Yim (Fourth Year Rep), Fowzia Huda (International Students Rep), Jordan Anderson (First Year Rep), Hope McDonald (Third Year Rep), and is chaired by Sam Kohlmann (VP Student Life).


The Finance committee is chaired by the VP Finance. It is mandated to oversee the organizational budget and subsequent budget updates. This committee also works with external advertising and finding new revenue sources for the ASA. This committee for the 15/16 academic year is comprised of Ben Curry (Second Year Rep), Danisha Suchak (Second Year Rep), and is chaired by Ivy Njoroge (VP Finance).