Student Council

The Student Council is your representation, your voice at Augustana. Our council consists of 17 members, the ASA President, the 4 Vice Presidents, 11 Student Representatives, and the Executive Director (non-voting member).

Student Council meets on Wednesdays at 5:30pm in the ASA board room throughout the academic year. These meetings are always open for all students to attend, so please stop by!


First Year Representatives (2)

- Pia Vij

- Sarah Nagel


Second Year Representatives (2)

- Korah Sanderson

- Kyra Gusdal


Third Year Representative (1)


Fourth Year Representative (1)


International Students' Rep (1)

- Rama Taha


Indigenous Students' Rep (1)

- Shyla Maytwayashing


Off-Campus Representatives (2)

- Kaitlin Andrews


Councillor at Large (1)

- Muskan Aggarwal