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Executive Team 2016/17

Benjamin Curry  Ben was born in Oz, and because his Mother was the Wicked WItch of the West he ran away at 14, finding himself in the middle of a blizzard in Winnepeg. You see, because his Father was Canadian the tornadoes of Oz couldn't get him, and instead needed to wait for the snowfall to whisk him away. Now he is in Camrose studying business and finance at Augustana, and in his free times he likes to practice his native muchnkin language, for fear of losing it if he doesn't keep it up. 


Hope McDonald Hope grew up in High Prarie, AB and chose Augustana for its small size and the ability to take a variety of classes. She has a major in Sociology, and a minor in Psychology. For fun she does badminton and running, and has even won awards for her badminton skills! She also helps run Campus Rec. Hope is extremely excited to makes some much needed changes to a number of policies relating to clubs, and other areas of interest. 


Zarmina Shir Zarmina grew up in the home of cowboys and oil tycoons, better known as Calgary, AB. She has big plans for herself that include a degree in Kinesiology, eventually go into Dentristy. She has a slight phone addiction, which is why she is so excited to be the VP Communications for next year. Zarmina is very laid back and easy to talk to, and wants you to know that you are always welcome into our office, and can talk to her about anything.


Christine Tran Christine is a Torontonion transplant, and an ardent baseball, and hockey fan (go Canucks! sorry Oilers!).  Normally you can find her folded into a good book, doodling away in a sketch book, or curled up in her blankets like a burrito of stress.  She has a weakness for anything deep fried or dipped in ranch. She is a science enthusiast, astronomy addict, professional shower singer and air guitarist, adventure seeker, sunset chaser, stargazer, and is secretly Batman. As a biology major and kinesiology major she aspires to become a paediatrician and work at the Children’s Hospital despite growing up wishing to become a professional deep fryer/ranch sauce dipper. She would like everyone to know that she is not short, but is actually just space effiecient.


Danisha Suchak  Danisha was born and raised in Tanzania, and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Management Degree, with a major in Economics and minor in Psychology. She used to do competitive swimming, and dances for fun. She also enjoy water sports and cycling. She is excited to be part of the ASA executive, and as a former member of the Budget and Revenue committee under outgoing VPF she learned a lot about ASA financial policy and budgeting and looks forward to continuing the great work Ivy has done.