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Your Student's Association

As you know, every student at Augustana has paid an Association fee. As such, you are all members of the students Association. The ASA is essentially here to be  your voice on campus and to provide you with a variety of stimulating events throughout the year. The students council exists to work for all of you. However, we could always use your input! Your council reps will value your feedback, and in turn , pass this on to the council at large. So, get to know who your representatives are!


Statement of Student Rights

All members in good standing of the Students Association have the right to:

- Access all services provided by the ASA

-Attend and participate in all functions and events organized by the ASA

-Attend all student council meetings and voice concerns and opinions to the council

-serve as ASA representatives on any boards, committees, and councils as deemed necessary

-Votes in Students Association elections, referendums and plebiscites

-Form and participate in clubs and organizations that are under the direction of the students Association and

-Exercise any other right as set out in these Bylaws

All members in good standing of the students association have the responsibility to act in accordance with the Bylaws of the ASA (Augustana Students Association, Bylaws 3.05)